Celebrating 47 Years

An original band from Las Vegas, NV.
This album was recorded in Portland, Oregon in the summer of 1975.

"We all lived in a three bedroom house for three months. Writing, rehearsing
and recording. It was one of the most rewarding endeavors in my life.
I shall cherish those memories forever
". Mark W. Dalzell

Recorded At: REX Recording / Portland, OR
Head Engineer: Greg Branson
Assistant: Tom "T-Bone" Demman
Mixed By: Greg Branson / Tom "T-Bone" Demman
Produced By: Tom "T-Bone" Demman
All Compositions Written By: SHAGNASTY
Lyrics By: Wayne D. Hargrave

Tom "T-Bone" Demman: Lead/Rhythm Guitar
John Priscu: Lead/Rhythm Guitar
Wayne D. Hargrave: Vocals
Mark Paszke: Bass
Mark W. Dalzell: Drums


Just learned that our brother Mark Paszke has made the final transistion in life.
He was a beautiful person, a kindred spirit with an infectious smile.
I know we will all be forever grateful for knowing him personally and musically
if only for a brief period in our lives. But he left such an indelible memory that he
will never be forgotten. Rest In Peace Brother.


1. Lonesome John's Boogie
2. Tea For Two
3. Wasted, Tasted & Wasted Again / Apollo's Chariot
4. Tumblin' Flower
5. K'Chink K'Chank
6. Little Brown Jug

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