The year was 1991. Two of my dear friends and I meet up at
the old Las Vegas Recording Studio's, Inc. on Boulder Highway.
Donnie Whitbeck was the engineer for the session. Due to
financial reasons, I could only afford the days use of the studio...
and the recording was all done live.

No overdubbing. Just 3 musicians grinding out some music and
having a great time.

I have fond memories of this day and am glad we had this brief time
to be creative. It features Rick Champion on bass,
the late Kenny Williams on guitar and yours truly on drums.

Blue Bossa |
Chromosome (M.Stern)
Hip Hop Groove
(Kenny, Rick, Mark)
Quadrant (B.Cobham)|
Sea Wall (Kenny Williams)


Blue Bossa | Chromosome | Hip Hop Groove 1
Quadrant | Sea Wall